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Unbox Your Holiday Online Shopping Success

In 11 days it is time, the most beautiful time of the year is just around the corner: Christmas. The time of year in which everyone surprises their loved ones with beautiful gifts. As (online) retailer, it is very important to respond to this and to optimally deploy your Google Ads Search and Google Ads Shopping campaigns.

Google has created an official retail guide to setting your Search and Shopping campaigns up for holiday success.

1. Give the gift of beautifully displayed products

Use high-quality, product-first visuals

Feature close-up product shots with bright, high-contrast colors to share more information about your product and help drive more engagement.

Provide accurate and descriptive product data

High-quality product data for product feeds is important to ensure your ads showcase the information your customers are looking for.

Share your fulfillment options with customers

Add shipping annotations and return annotations to stand out to shoppers.

2. It is the season to plan ahead

It’s never too early to start planning

A clear strategy will help you accomplish your holiday targets. Use Performance Planner to size the available opportunity and understand implications of different bid and budget scenarios.

Build your digital storefront

Show more of your products to your potential customers, especially with the expected increase in holiday search queries. Automatically apply recommendations to improve your account performance and save time.

Capture more holiday shoppers

Optimize your campaigns to reach and attract customers throughout their holiday shopping journey.

3. Ring in holiday wins

Secure enough budget

Be ready to capture demand throughout the holidays and even into the post-holiday season.

Be competitive

Differentiate your products from other retailers to attract more holiday shoppers. View your absolute top impression share as well as overlap rate and outranking share from the auction insights report to compare performance with competitors.

Meet shoppers wherever they go

Stay in front of your potential customers no matter what context they are in. Enable location extensions to bid by location and proximity of your shoppers to your stores and allocate more budget to promote local inventory on days when you expect more foot traffic.

Measure your success

Evaluate your metrics to determine how you can optimize your campaigns to reach and exceed your KPIs.

4. Enjoy the magic of performance insights

Analyze the numbers

Take a look at your previous performance to capitalize on any insights and trends.

Gather ideas for holiday growth

Identify areas of improvement and opportunities for growth to drive better performance next year.

Plan and prepare for next holiday season.

Set your plan early based on your previous holiday results and learnings to ensure that the next holiday season will be more successful.

Need help setting up your festive Google Shopping and Search campaigns in an optimal way?

Would you like to get the most out of your Google Ads campaign during the Christmas season, but you are not sure where to start? Our PPC specialists are always open for a cup of coffee, to get you going!


Mathias Aaftink

Author Mathias Aaftink

Geïntrigeerd door klantgedrag, performance marketing en klantervaring en de manier waarop organisaties daarop inspelen. Met mijn ervaring voel ik me thuis in de wereld van (digitale) marketing en branding. Ik ga nieuwe uitdagingen met veel plezier aan en voel meteen een groot verantwoordelijkheidsgevoel om er een succes van te maken. Projecten waarbij ik mijn ondernemende vaardigheden en mindset kan inzetten geven mij veel energie en dit is waar ik voor u van toegevoegde waarde kan zijn.

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