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Are you looking for a technical SEO agency but not aware of what they can do for you? Let’s first explain what technical SEO is. Technical SEO is one of the pillars that Google uses for ranking your website besides content and authority. Therefore, it is really important to create the best possible infrastructure to give your content the best possible chance to rank for relevant keywords. By doing technical SEO right, you’ll give search engines the possibility to crawl, index and interpret your website in the right way. We can help you build that strong foundation to rise above your competitors with our experienced technical SEO team. Hire your technical SEO agency to drive more growth!

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What is technical SEO?

For the ones that are not so familiar with Technical SEO we will first dive into what it actually is. By doing Technical SEO you are optimizing either your website or your server in order to help search engine spiders, like Googlebot, crawl and index your site more efficiently. By doing so you give google bots the possibility to crawl your website in an easy and friendly way.

Google has certain preferences for how a website should look like technically – for example fast loading times, less 404 pages, a neath looking URL structure etc. When you have this set up properly, you will be rewarded with higher positions within the search engine.

Why technical SEO?

We already touched on the why a bit but Technical SEO is the foundation for any website; it is the foundation where anything else is built on and which ensures that you provide the best possible experience to your consumer.

When you have highly valued content and high quality links linking to your website but it is not possible to crawl your website in a proper way it was all a waste of time and money. The technical aspect makes it possible that all the content is crawled in the right way and that Google crawls your website nice and smoothly so that consumers can find what they are searching for.

Because Technical SEO can be quite overwhelming, you can consider hiring a technical SEO agency with the expertise to help you further. Next to the expertise, a technical SEO agency has access to tools which are most of the time too expensive for other organizations.

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Technical SEO aspects

We are always open to help you further and to give you the best possible advice. Therefor, we always do a deep dive into the back-end and technical performance of your website. As part of this first technical deep dive we do a site health scan, check your page speed both on mobile and desktop, check your backlink profile, assess accessibility, performance analytics, identify crawl errors, and complete a very thorough technical SEO checklist to identify areas where your website could be improved before we even start working with you. In this way we know exactly where we need to delve deeper and to optimize your website in the best possible way.

To better educate you we will highlight some of the technical SEO aspects. There are much more but then you have a clue.

Speed optimization

You know the times when you needed to dial in for getting to the Internet? There are still websites so slow that you are not helping your user and Google with it. Websites that run quickly are rewarded with higher search rankings. This is exactly the reason why speed optimization is one of the key topics of technical SEO.‍

Backlink analysis

In our technical SEO analysis, we also look at your backlink profile. This can give us some insights about your authority but also about where the gaps are in comparison with the competition. If we have a good view on your backlink profile we also like to look into the competitors so that we can draw you a complete picture of the possibilities that are still there. By doing so, we can also provide suggestions which backlinks we can remove or add.

Sitemap optimization

A sitemap.xml file is used to list all URLs available for crawling. When it is doing right it can also invole more information about your URL. Not only does it provide better visibility and easier navigation for the search engines, it also quickly informs search engines about any new or updated content on your website. Therefore, your website will be crawled faster and more intelligently. At Digital Movers we will help you create the best possible sitemap.

Hreflang optimization

An Hreflang tag is used for multilingual websites. When you are operating internationally it is important that the search enigine understands which region and for which language a specific page is intended. The hreflang tag names all language variants of a URL in the source code.

By setting this tag, a search engine can determine which result is most suitable for searches in different countries and languages. Using hreflang tags therefore not only has a positive influence on the user experience, but also on your organic rankings abroad.

Image optimization

Using images will help you not only present yourself but also it is read much quicker than copy. So the imagery on your website is very important if you are trying to reduce bounce rates. The flipside of using images can be that It takes longer to load. It is therefore really important to optimize images as part of technical SEO.

Structured data markup

What may seem like technical terminology to you means a lot to search engines. This is the reason why you definitely want to import structured data to your website. Structured data can help search engines see what information belongs to what category. For example, you can structure your breadcrumbs or reviews to get enhance your search results. JSON-LD is used quite often and could be a mystery to you. Here, we can help you with and make sure your website is optimized with structured data to get the best possible resultst.


Robots.txt is a file in the root folder of your site. Search engine robots use it to find out which parts of your site they can and cannot search. With a robots.txt file you determine which parts of your site may or may not be searched by search engine robots. This allows you, for example, to exclude admin environments such as wp-admin and the attention of search engine robots goes to pages that matter. In this way a search engine can crawl your website easier and faster and you will use the crawl budget to it’s full potential.

Canonical tag optimization

A canonical tag tells a search engine what the primary or original URL of a page is. Such a canonical tag gives Google a clue as to which page to index when multiple pages with similar content exist. Think about webshops who have multiple pages with shoes. Then the main page gets a canonical tag so that teh search engine not have to crawl all the other pages. At Digital Movers we will help you optimize the canonical tags on your website.

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Technical SEO consultancy

Investing in SEO means investing in your organization and therefore technical SEO consultancy can help you get better rankings. Our specialists bring a solid foundation and helps you against penalties and with all your questions. Our technical SEO consultants will cover all technical elements and ensure that your website is performing at its full potential. At Klik digital we invest in the knowledge of our people so therefor you will get the best possible technical SEO consultant that you wish for.

Searching for more technical SEO knowledge?

Klik digital is always open to provide you FREE knowledge in the world of  Technical SEO and if you want we are also doing FREE SEO analysis by one of our SEO specialists.

This will help you further with your SEO efforts and you have a better understanding of what you need to improve to get better rankings in Google.

If you are interested in getting higher rankings and you would like to dive into it lets get a coffee and discuss it more briefly as well.

Do you think you would like to hire a Technical SEO specialist? Get in touch with us and we will show you the possibilities.


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