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Social Media Content Plan

Nearly 90% of marketers say that their social media marketing campaigns have increased exposure to their business.


You would like to be more efficient with your social media efforts?

A social media content plan is there to avoid that you are just experimenting with social media and hopefully get the right message across your target audience. A social media content plan helps you think in advance who you want to aim at, what you want to achieve, how you want to do that, with what targeting strategies and on which platforms.

How does a social media content plan ensures that you are getting the most out of it? We summed up some of the benefits of using social media in a structured and organized way.


A social media content plan makes it easier to keep your organization focused on the right goals and audience since you can target your message accros a variation of audiences. With a structured content plan it will be easier to do social advertising and activate your content as well.


A social media strategy ensures that you do not deal with peripheral issues. You can focus all your work on specific goals, audience groups and channels. You therefore put your euros and hours more effectively.


If you work with a documented strategy, people know what to expect on your channel. Your posts are not just random messages, but adhere to a story that is laid down in your strategy.


If you do not set goals, it is impossible to determine whether you are on the right track. With strategic objectives and associated KPIs, you can determine whether you are successful and make targeted adjustments. With the measurements of your success you also gain insight into the opportunities and possibilities for improvement. Your performance will increase structurally. The time from here and there is finally over.

What should be included in a social media content plan?

A social media content plan must move from the paper to practice as quickly as possible. A social media content plan is therefore a structured guideline that help you execute your social media content campaign in the right way.

You can be as ambitious as you want:

  • Objectives
    You start your strategy with your goals. In the execution you always test whether your work contributes to these goals. Commonly used objectives in social media marketing are brand awareness, brand involvement, lead generation and customer loyalty
  • Unique expertise
    The second part of your strategy is a kind of internal analysis, in which you examine what your expertise is. Why do you do what you do (the ‘why’)? How can you be relevant? What are you good at? What are you doing better than your competitor?
  • Target audience analysis
    9 out of 10 people can now be reached via social media, but that does not mean that you actually achieve or even want to reach them all. The audience for whom you can be interesting and relevant always knows the limits. Here you describe who you want to reach.
  • Brand story
    The brand story is the idea that must be interwoven on social media in all content that you post. From blogs to videos and whitepapers to tutorials. The best content (the sweet spot) is on the cutting edge of what you can tell and what your audience wants to hear.
  • Channels and shape
    In this step will you’ll determine in which form and on which channels you will distribute your content. These choices must also seamlessly connect with your audience. Make sure you’re there where your social media is public and that you choose the form (text, photo, audio, video) that appeals to the audience you’re looking for.
  • Measuring and adjusting
    Before you put your strategy into practice, you determine how you measure your progress and adjust it to achieve even better results. Even once you are implementing your strategy, you continue to optimize your content.

Our valued customers. Are you the next one?

The perfect social media content strategy is an illusion!

Let’s say that every company is unique and there is no fixed pattern for the perfect content strategy. The strategy is not carved in stone. The perfect content marketing strategy probably does not even exist.

There we said it. There is always room for improvement. Because social media always adds new features (eg live videos) where you want to adjust your current strategy. Or because more hours can be put into content marketing or you do not have the budget you would like to use. But you can also do a lot with less resources.

With our Klik digital social media content plan we help you getting the most out of your social media in a structured way. Doing a paid social media campaign without a good plan will make you spend money and not getting the right return out of it. We will make sure that you’ll get the best out of it.


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