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SEO Copywriting

SEO Copywriting

Copywriting is one of the most important components of building a solid SEO foundation. But what exactly is SEO copywriting or SEO copy? We will further explain our services below and describe how your organization can benefit from good SEO copywriting and why it is worthwhile to outsource your SEO copywriting to Klik digital.

✔️ Dedicated team of SEO specialists and SEO copywriters
✔️ Copy written for Google specifically
✔️ Specialists who will dive into your topic to write good copy
✔️ Result-oriented team of specialists

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What is SEO copywriting?

We will first outline what the difference is between a normal copywriter and a SEO copywriter. A normal copywriter is a copywriter who specializes in writing commercial copy. The difference with a SEO copywriter is that he or she writes commercial/informative copy which is also earch engine friendly. This means that a SEO copywriter knows exactly which parameters he or she should use to get a piece of copy ranked as well.

At Klik digital we think it is important that;

  • The copy that is written contributes to the findability of a website.
  • SEO-friendly copy is combined with the creativity and inspiration of copy that is written by a “normal” copywriter.
  • An optimal experience for the user is created.
  • That we can write your copy in multiple languages. We have a lot of connections with copywriters internationally.

Is SEO copywriting important?

SEO copywriting can play a huge role in raising the brand awareness of your brand, services and products. By having good content, it will be easier to connect with the consumer but also with the search engine that use the content to get a feeling of what is happening on the pages as well.

Good SEO copywriting is also ‘just good copywriting’ and thus meets the needs and wishes of your target group and improves the usability of your website and the image of your brand. High positions in search engines contribute to the trust that people will place in your brand.

In other words: good SEO copywriting = immediate more results for your online brand.

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14 April 2022

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What is the process of SEO copywriting?

We follow a process to come up with the best possible SEO copy for your website;

  1. Keyword research; we always start with doing good keyword research so that we gather insides about where people are searching for.
  2. Competitor research: how did the competition created their content and how did the number 1 and 2 structured their copy?
  3. Header structure: when we have the right insights of keywords we start with a header structure. This is created with the right keywords and related keywords.
  4. Writing: we start writing the copy based on your writing style and tone of voice.
  5. Placement: the next step is to place it in the website. This can be done by your organization or by one of our specialists. We can directly optimize the page titles, meta descriptions, alt tags etc.
  6. Refinement: when the content is placed in the website we will look at it after a while to see where we can optimize with new developments that are happening all the time.

Let SEO copywriting done by Klik digital

When a client enters your webpage, they would like to know what the page is all about. So does the search engine.

We make sure that we make content findable by, creating valueable content and content which is written for the user and for Google. Besides the SEO copywriting we can help you with writing the page titles and other on page optimizations. The meta description is not a ranking factor anymore, by therefor not less important. The meta description ensures that people will or will not click on your link. SEO texts with good page titles and meta descriptions therefore ensure a higher CTR. Let your SEO copywriting done by Klik digital and you will skyrocket with your on page SEO.


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