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Do you want to draw more attention to your product? Want your service to be among the first to appear when someone enters a search query on Google? Then a search marketing agency might be interesting for you. You must meet a number of conditions for search ads. We are happy to explain this to you and tell you more about what a search marketing agency can do for you!

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What are search ads?

Before you continue reading how search ads work, it is important that you know exactly what a search ad is. You can place a search ad with Google Ads. These ads are then shown when the Google user enters a search query. Search ads are therefore linked to a specific search query. Keyword research is therefore very important before you start with search ads, because this way you can see for which keywords you can best be found.

Keyword types with outsourcing search ads

A search ad appears with a specific search query. Before you create your search ad, you need to know through which search query you want to be found. You can use a keyword planner to see which keywords fit your product or service. Based on this, you will prepare the search ads. That way you will soon be able to increase your audience and turn prospects into customers. There are multiple keyword types which we can use within search ads:

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Stand out with your search ads

Search ads are a way to get noticed. After all, when your ad stands out, you have a higher chance that someone will click on it and eventually end up at your company. Each search ad requires its own approach. You use different settings and you also have to meet various requirements. There are three types of search ads, being:

  • Advanced
  • Responsive
  • Dynamic

What does a search ad cost?

When you are going to set up a new campaign, you want to know how much it will cost. With a search engine advertisement you can set a maximum budget in advance. However, you also want the search engine ad to yield as much as possible. Ultimately, the costs will depend on that. Optimize the ads to avoid high costs and to get the most out of the campaign.

Outsource to a search marketing agency

Do you want to set up a search ads campaign, but it’s not really your field? Then it is wise to outsource it to a search marketing agency. Realize that this is more beneficial for you in the long run. It saves you a lot of time to outsource the campaign, but you also do not lose money unnecessarily due to incorrect settings, for example. Do you want to start a search ads campaign soon, but you don’t know where to start? Get in touch with our search marketing agency! We are happy to help!

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