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1061% increase in revenue due to successful Google search campaigns


About Travel Around

Travel Around was founded in 2022, but the people behind Travel Around have over 20 years of experience in organizing adventure trips for young travelers between the ages of 18 and 37.

Under the motto ‘Explore the Unknown’, they organize adventurous tours for curious travelers between 18 and 37 years old, who dare to travel outside their comfort zone, in contact with the local population, nature and other unknown young travelers. Be open to the unexpected! You will get memories for a lifetime.

With their mission and vision, they want to connect young travelers with local cultures, untouched nature and with each other, while at the same time reducing the negative impact of tourism and increasing the positive impact. Conscious travel can make a positive contribution to cultural preservation, local employment and nature conservation.

Google search ads

We use Google search ads to reach the right target audience. The campaigns are build around different travel destinations. 


Travel Around (Netherlands)

Start date

March 1, 2023


growth in revenue




growth in conversions


growth in new website users

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