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Are you already making the most of Pinterest ads for your business? Are you already bringing your product or service to the attention via this social media channel? Then hire a Pinterest ads agency.

With more than 459 million of daily users worldwide, and 4,6 million unique visitors each month, Pinterest’s popularity continues to soar. Pinterest shows a 10% growth in the number of unique visitors per month in 2021, compared to 2020. Pinterest is not yet one of the ‘big 5’, with WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn above them. Nevertheless, this rapid growth, combined with the possibility to advertise on Pinterest since 2019, makes Pinterest an interesting platform for your business. Hire your Pinterest Ads agency quickly and read more about our services.

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What are Pinterest ads?

Pinterest ads are advertisements that are applied on the Pinterest platform. People on Pinterest are looking to take action. They are here to spice up their everyday lives, celebrate special moments and plan for what’s next.

People use Pinterest when they want something new, but do not have a specific idea in mind. It is like a visual search engine, guiding people to ideas that are just right for them. People do not always have the words to describe what they are looking for. As they browse Pinterest content, they fine-tune their tastes and find the perfect idea.

People usually use Pinterest for three types of intentions: browsing for inspiration, shopping for products or learning new skills. Pinterest is where people browse, discover and buy. Show up at the moment of inspiration, and take your audience from idea to “I did.”

Which audience could you reach with Pinterest ads?

Every social media platform has its own target audience. If you are going to use Pinterest ads, you are mainly targeting a target group up of 431 million people using Pinterest on monthly basis to find ideas and get inspired for their next purchase. Despite the fact that the target audience on Pinterest is very broad and the platform is used worldwide, more than 60% of the international audience is made up of women. The other 40% of the target audience consists of male pinners and Generation Z.

You can reach your target audience through various targeting options within Pinterest. With automatic targeting, Pinterest chooses your audience based on details from your Pin. Other options for reaching your audience include targeting based on interests, your customer lists, demographics, keywords, or actalike audiences.

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How do you create an Pinterest ad?

If you have a business account on Pinterest with your company, you can also place Pinterest ads yourself. You can easily compose this advertisement via Pinterest itself by creating ads from organic pins in just a few steps from your phone. This can be in the form of an image or video, but also as carousel or collection. There are multiple ad types which we can use within Pinterest ads:

Pinterest standard ads

Showcase your products and content in a simple vertical or square image format.

Pinterest video ads

Grab attention and tell a strong story with the visually appealing video format.

Pinterest shopping ads

This ad format allows you to sponsor your product groups that you’ve added to catalogs as store ads, so your target audience will be inspired by your products.

Pinterest carousel ads

Add even more depth by letting your audience swipe across different images within one ad.

Pinterest collection ads

Show your products in action with a hybrid format that alternates lifestyle images with video.

What are the benefits of Pinterest ads?

We have already looked at what Instagram ads are and which target group you can reach with these types of ads. But what are the benefits of Instagram ads? We have listed them for you below:

  • Pinterest is a platform that is an opportunity for every business.
  • Targeting is very broad with Pinterest ads, so you can optimally reach your target group.
  • Pinterest offers solutions for each phase of the customer journey: awareness, consideration, conversion and offline selling.
  • 2,3 times more efficient cost per conversion  and 2 times higher return on ad spend for retail brands compared to other social media channels.
  • Pinterest offers simple and flexible tools to create ads. You can create ads from organic pins in just a few steps from your phone, or set up and edit campaigns within Pinterest Ads Manager.
  • Clear insights into results from your Pinterest ads with Pinterest Analytics.

Insights into Pinterest ad results

With Pinterest ads, you always have clear insight into the results, so you can see exactly what the campaign yields you. Pinterest Analytics provides insights into engagement for all your pins, what people are doing with content they have saved from your account, your best pins and target group statistics.

We are happy to sit down with you to discuss the results and to discover areas for improvement. Thanks to the transparency of Pinterest Analytics, you can work very specifically and adjust an ad campaign where necessary. This way you can reach a large target group again and again with your professional Pinterest ads.

Why hire a Pinterest ads agency?

Do you want to outsource Pinterest ads to a Pinterest ads agency? Maybe you have already hired an agency for your Pinterest ads campaign, but the result is not as expected. Maybe you have been working on Pinterest ads yourself for a while, but it is yielding even less than you would like. Or maybe you have not spent time on Pinterest ads yet, because you do not know where to start on this relatively new platform.

These are all excellent reasons to hire a Pinterest ads agency. We could certainly help you set up a campaign for Pinterest ads. Do you finally want to see results? Then it is time to outsource your Pinterest ads. Contact us to inquire about the possibilities.

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