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Are you already making the most of Instagram ads for your business? Are you bringing your product or service to the attention among your target audience via this social media channel? You certainly no longer promote a product or service only via your own website.

There are plenty of other ways to get more prospects to your website. One of them is Instagram ads. What do you know about Instagram ads? Don’t miss out on opportunities and take a closer look at this.

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What are Instagram ads?

Instagram Ads are advertisements that are applied on the Instagram platform. It should always be ‘sponsored’, and therefore you can easily recognize Insta Ads. For example, you can create the advertisements via the Meta advertisement management. Because Instagram and Facebook both belong to Meta, you could easily place your ads on both social media channels. However, you decide which social media platform you would like to focus on. Instagram Ads appear in the Instagram Feed, Instagram Explore or Instagram Stories. It is best to create a separate advertisements for each desired form, as an ad for Instagram Stories will look different than an ad for the Instagram Feed.

Which audience could you reach with Instagram ads?

Every social media platform has its own target audience. If you are going to use Instagram ads, you are mainly targeting a target group up to 40 years. Furthermore, this group is very broad. Instagram is being used worldwide by both men and women.

The advantage of Instagram is that the platform can boast of high engagement. Users therefore often click on posts and are also more likely to respond than on other social media platforms. If your ads are able to stimulate enough, they will eventually bring more leads to your website.

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What are the benefits of Instagram ads?

We have already looked at what Instagram ads are and which target group you can reach with these types of ads. But what are the benefits of Instagram ads? We have listed them for you below:

  • Instagram is a platform that is an opportunity for every business.
  • Targeting is very broad with Instagram ads, so you can optimally reach your target group.
  • Instagram has a very high engagement rate and thus users are more likely to click on an ad.
  • You can opt for an organic display, which makes your ad look like a regular post. It is always stated that it is sponsored content.
  • Instagram also offers the option of Instagram Shopping, which takes the user directly to your website.

How do you create an Instagram ad?

If you have a business account on Instagram with your company, you can also place Instagram ads yourself. You can easily compose this advertisement via Instagram itself. This can be in the form of an image or video, but also as carousel or collection. You can also create an Instagram ad via Meta Ads Manager (previously called Facebook Ads Manager). When your Facebook page is linked to your Instagram account, you can easily place your ad on the various social media channels. An Instagram ad is displayed organically, so that it blends seamlessly into the user’s timeline. As a result, it doesn’t interfere and just seems to be part of the timeline. Advertisements always indicate that they are sponsored content.

Why outsource Instagram ads?

Do you want to outsource Instagram ads? Maybe you already hired an agency for your Instagram ads campaign, but the result is not as expected. Maybe you’ve been working on Instagram ads for a while, but it is yielding less than you would like. Or maybe you have not spent time on Instagram ads yet because you do not know where to start. These are all excellent reasons to outsource Instagram ads to a professional party. We could certainly help you set up a campaign for Instagram ads. Do you finally want to see results? Then it’s time to outsource your Instagram ads. Contact Klik digital to inquire about the possibilities.

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