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Outsource Google Shopping

If you have an online webshop, you would like your product to appear at the top of Google by outsourcing Google Shopping ads. There are all kinds of possibilities for this and one of the more recent possibilities is Google Shopping. Outsource Google Shopping ads are a smart way to attract customers to your website. When someone searches for a certain product on Google, Google Shopping ads immediately appear above the search results. So this is an extra way to promote your product. Do you want to outsource Google Shopping ads? Klik digital is a pro when it comes to Google Shopping ads.

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How does Google Shopping ads work?

When a buyer is looking for a specific product, Google Shopping ads appear above the search results, including on Google Images. Algorithms determine where and when your ads are shown.

The potential customer immediately sees a clear photo, a description and the price. It also states where the product is for sale. If a prospect clicks on your product via Google Shopping, they immediately arrive at that specific product in your webshop. The customer does not have to search, but is directly redirected to the desired page.

More return through Google Shopping ads

Outsource Google Shopping ads is a great way to get more return from your webshop. As an online marketing manager you know better than anyone how important your position in Google is. Google offers an extra option to promote your product, namely via Google Shopping ads. These ads appear above the organic search results. Even when you search for images, Google Shopping ads are at the top. When your product is listed there, it increases the visibility of your product.

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What are the benefits of Google Shopping ads?

We like to keep it clear for you and therefore list the benefits of Google Shopping ads below:

  • Ads are shown at the product level, making them highly relevant.
  • There is always a product image, which makes the ad more visual.
  • CPC are relatively low.
  • Visitors are very relevant, because they have already seen the product and only click further if they are interested.
  • Via the comparison tool of Google Shopping you can generate more visibility and you can attract more prospects to your website through competitive prices.
  • We work with Product hero to get more cheaper clicks where you can benefit from.

Of course, it is important that Google Shopping Ads are set up correctly. Do you need help setting up ads via Google Shopping? Please feel free to contact Klik digital to outsource Google Shopping ads. We are specialists in the field of online marketing and are happy to help you

Smart Shopping campaigns

We explained you what Google Shopping campaigns are so we can take you a step further. Let’s get into Smart Shopping campaigns. Smart Shopping campaigns are automated shopping ads. These ads are constantly improving and optimizing themselves through machine learning and the algorithms of Google.

The difference between smart shopping and standard Google shopping ads is that you don’t have to worry about the bid while this is taken care off. Thanks to Google’s automatic bid strategy, your bids are set in such a way that the aim is always for maximum conversion value. In the end this is the goal of you as an advertiser.

Next to the automatic bids the Smart Shopping campaigns also deal with the ad placements. For example, your ads are displayed in various networks, including YouTube and Gmail. There is a requirement for this, which is that you have a remarketing target group that consists of at least one hundred active users. This list ensures that Google can constantly find new interesting profiles to target.

The disadvantages of Smart Shopping campaigns

There are also some disadvantage of these Smart Shopping campaigns. The most mentioned disadvantage is that it is hard to influence the performance of the campaigns. Thanks to the automated bidding strategy, no bid adjustments can be made or bids can be set per product (group). Of course it is possible to set a daily budget.

Within the Smart Shopping campaigns it is also not possible to use negative keywords to optimize the campaigns. Another downside is the fact that no specific targeting can be applied. With specific targeting you can think of location, audience, and device targeting. In addition, it is also not possible to add an advertising schedule. This is all taken care of when you outsource your Google Shopping campaigns.

Why outsource Google Shopping ads?

For most webshops, SEA (search engine advertising) is very important. It is therefore important that you set up the plan for Google Shopping ads in a professional manner. You have to register your products yourself to be included in Google Shopping ads. You do this by adding them to shopping feeds in the Google Merchant Center. A specialist like Klik digital knows exactly what to pay attention to and what is important in this process. You do have to comply with the rules that Google has set for Google Shopping ads. And if you know how the algorithms work, you can also ensure that your article ranks higher than other articles. Do you know what the relevant keywords are for your product? And are you aware of the fact that you should match the product name with the keywords for example? Outsource your Google Shopping campaigns and have a professional campaign set up for your organization.

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