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Outsource Google Ads

Outsource your Google Ads to Klik digital. We are using Google Ads to get more visitors immediately, increase your brand awareness and realize conversions: choosing Google advertising (PPC) is a quick way to boost your sales.

However, efficiency is at least as important. Because if you do not specialize in Google Ads and do not set up effective campaigns, advertising in this way can be very expensive.

It is therefore worthwhile to outsource Google Ads to a specialist. Klik digital is happy to help you set up, monitor and work towards effective Google Ads campaigns.

✔️ Certified Google Ads Partner Agency;
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Outsource Google Ads and formulate goals

You can set up a Google Ad campaign from different starting points. For example, think of:

  • Realizing as many impressions as possible to build brand awareness
  • Realizing as many clicks as possible for driving traffic to your website
  • Obtaining conversions (eg online sales or completed forms)

The last goal is extremely important to the vast majority of organizations. This is how you can measure your ROI (return on investment) very well. You get an answer to the question: how much do I spend to generate a lead or a sale? And better still, you can use a good campaign to steer the desired maximum costs per sale or lead (CPS).

Google Ads enables you to be visible when people search for specific keywords. But it is equally important to ensure that you are not visible on keywords that are not applicable to your product or service.

The same applies to regions where you are not active or for target groups that you already know have little interest in your product or service. We take all these aspects into account when setting up, monitoring and adjusting Google Ads campaigns.

Who should be interested in Google Ad campaigns?

Google Ads can be interesting for everyone who is looking for people that have a certain intent. Whether this is a business to business or a business to consumer product or service. Google Ads can be seen as a tool that lies lower in the funnel. People go to Google with a certain intent and with our campaigns we can filter this intent out of the keywords that users use. You can imagine that “blue shoes” or “blue nike sneakers” have a totally different intent. We can pinpoint the campaigns on specific terms with specific intent to be as relevant as possible. You only pay per click so it is super important to aim at the right keywords.

Although you only pay per click (PPC) the work doesn’t stop there. From here on the game begins while we only aiming at tangible results. We always aim to build a positive case where we can show you that the ad spend has increased your number of sales or leads in a positive way.

Keyword types with outsourcing Google Ads

As we already described Google Ads is the perfect place to bid on specific keywords. You can place your bids on a wide scale of keywords when you outsource your Google Ads to Klik digital. For example, you can place a bid that is directly related to a certain intent or keywords that are broader but are related to your business. There are multiple keyword types which we can use within Google Ads:

Exact match keywords

These are keywords that are exactly the keywords how you write them. This can be important when you know your target audiences uses specific terms. An example for these exact match keywords are [free PPC tools]. So, everyone who is typing “free PPC tools” will be targeted by your campaign. This is called [exact match]


When you use phrases within your campaign the ads that you created are showed to people who are searching for the phrase you selected. When your specific phrase is surrounded by other keywords then still your ad will be displayed. This is a different strategy compared to the exact match keywords. This can be set with using “phrase” within your ads campaigns.

Broad match keywords

This is used when a user searches for a selection of keywords within your keyword variants or keywords that are somewhat similar. If they do that then your ad is displayed to these users. When you are not a PPC specialist then this is the most commonly used mistake. These terms can be expensive when you’ve set these in your campaigns and there is no conversion taking place on these keywords. These are most of the time “upper funnel” keywords and are not relevant to conversion. These broad match keywords are most of the time used when organizations focus on brand awareness or are doing keyword research and want to understand where the target audience is searching for.

Modified broad match

You can also use modified broad match. This helps you to link certain keywords to each other by using the “+” sign. When a search term is entered the advertisement is only shown with matching or replacing words related to entered keywords. We use them in this way: modified+broad+match

Negative keywords

Negative keywords can be used to use to make your campaign more relevant and are used to say to Google where your ad can’t be showed. By adding negative keywords, you can make your campaign more relevant while you don’t want your campaign to be linked to certain keywords. For example, when you are offering a specific service that helps people with losing weight then maybe negative terms can be free and everything that is related to free. Adding negative keywords can help you gain Click Through Rates (CTR), it saves you money and you are working on your quality scores.

As you can see there are multiple set ups within your campaigns related to keywords. It is therefor beneficial to outsource your Google Adwords campaigns to our specialists while they are highly trained to do this each day and help you further in driving conversion or other goals.

Read the stories behind our previous Google ads projects

Below you can find where our Google Ads specialists worked on previously. In this way you’ll get an idea about what we did, what the results were and for which clients we did some Google Ads work.


31 July 2023

Travel Around | 1061% increase in revenue due to successful Google search campaigns

Google Ads channels

We always start with formulating a goal and determine the budget based on these goals. After this we can determine which channels are relevant for you as a client. There are multiple options:

1. Search Network

Advertise within the Search Network of Google: this is probably the option that is most used where you can advertise on specific keywords with a specific intent.

2. Display Network

Advertise within the Display Network from Google: within this network we can use ad banners that are used for gaining more brand awareness and is used for remarketing your audience when they visited your website.

3. Shopping Ads

Advertise with Shopping Ads: as a webshop it is always good to advertise directly with your products when people are searching for it. With these campaigns you are able to show your products directly within the search results.

4. YouTube

Advertise on YouTube: when you are focusing on gaining brand awareness then YouTube can be the option to advertise on. With different ad formats you can advertise on a specific target audience, on specific search terms and specific channels.

5. App Downloads

App Downloads: when you are the owner of an App and you want to gain more users then you can advertise within the search results of Google. Your ads are showed to mobile users within the search results. This can drive more people to your app and download it.

Expectations for outsourcing Google Ads

We are your trusted partner within the Google Ads domain so we will briefly explain you what you can expect when you outsource your Google Ads campaigns to our specialists.

    • Determining campaign goals;
    • Determining campaign strategy and keywords;
    • Building campaign structure;
    • Writing ad copy, ad extensions etc. Within our campaigns we have multiple ads running to determine what the best performing ad is;
    • Optimizing campaigns by means of gathering data and understanding what the competition is doing;
    • Analyzing monthly results;
    • Optimizing campaigns based on the monthly results;
    • Personal briefing each three months to discuss the course of the campaigns, to let you understand where we are standing and where we are heading.

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