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Are you already making optimal use of social media for your company? Facebook is still one of the leading social media platforms today. Not surprising that many companies make extensive use of this.

Are you already getting extra leads from Facebook ads? Ads on Facebook often bring new visitors to your websites, all of them potential customers. There are therefore great opportunities for all types of companies. Of course, the campaign has to be set up in the right way. If you want to see real results, it is wise to outsource Facebook ads. A professional Facebook ads agency, such as Klik digital, can help you with this.

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What are Facebook ads?

What exactly are Facebook ads? As the name implies, Facebook ads are advertisements on Facebook. This social media channel is still popular and the advantage of Facebook is that the target group is very broad. The target audience of Facebook is actually all adults. For your ad you can select the target group you want to reach. You can filter by age, place of residence or other characteristics.

Facebook ads are advertisements that are displayed, for example, in the Facebook newsfeed. Millions of people use Facebook every day. So a large audience can be reached here.

What does Facebook Ads cost?

The costs are always transparent for Facebook Ads and they will not be so high. But what exactly does it cost? Of course that depends on your campaign, but you can always set a maximum budget with Facebook Ads. As a result, you never pay more than you planned. You can already advertise on Facebook up to a maximum amount of a few euros per day.

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What are the benefits of Facebook ads?

Now that we know exactly what Facebook Ads are, it is good to look further. After all, you want to achieve success with your advertising campaign. Below we have listed a number of advantages of Facebook Ads:

  • You can use Facebook Ads for many purposes, for example to reach more people, but also to raise awareness of your brand or generate engagement.
  • The ads can be published in various places on Facebook, allowing you to choose the most efficient place for you.
  • You can target very specifically, which means you can reach your target group better than ever. For example, select by age, location or education level.
  • With Facebook Ads you can also opt for remarketing, where people who have already visited your website will see your ad.
  • Facebook is a relatively cheap platform to advertise and the costs are always transparent.
  • Facebook Ads is therefore the right choice if you want to reach a broad target group and always want clarity about the costs. If you really want to generate more leads, it is of course important that your Facebook Ads are well put together.

How do you create an Facebook ad?

How do you make a good Facebook ad? First of all, it is important to take a good look at which service or product you are going to advertise on Facebook. People often scroll quickly through their newsfeed, making it important that your ad really stands out. A Facebook ad should above all be stimulating. You can create a Facebook ad in the Facebook Ads Manager. It is now called Meta. Via Meta advertisement management you can draft, design and schedule your advertisement. Because Instagram is also a platform of Meta, you can easily place an ad that you prepare for Facebook on Instagram. Your business accounts must be linked to each other for this.

Why hire a Facebook ads agency?

Do you want to generate new leads through Facebook ads? Do you want to attract more prospects to your website? Then it is wise to outsource Facebook Ads to a Facebook ads agency. Our Facebook ads specialist know exactly how you can best reach your target group and how exactly an advertisement on Facebook should be designed. You may already have a campaign running at a company, but it is not yielding sufficient results. Or you are hesitant to start with Facebook ads because you find it too complicated. Or you already advertise yourself, but your click costs are higher than the final revenue. Whatever your reasons, if you are not happy with how much Facebook ads are yielding you right now, it is wise to contact a professional agency. Do you want to hire a Facebook ads agency? Get in touch, we are happy to help!

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