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Digital Movers is growing fast. We are happy to announce that Rens van Deursen has joined our family for almost 4 months now. As she is around since oktboer, it’s high time to introduce him!

What is your role at Digital Movers?

I started at Digital Movers as a intern, I’m studying Business Innovation and started a project to make a route on how to make Digital Movers a sustainable company. I love to be creative and make graphical designs. This is why I was quickly involved in different aspects within the company like creating content for our social media channels and the rebranding of Digital movers. Next to that I get involved by almost everything in the company to learn more about online marketing to eventually become a online marketeer myself. 

Innovation at Digital Marketing

I started with a study Business Innovation at Avans ‘s-Hertogenbosch, where I learned how to make innovative concepts in a systematic way. I never really knew what I want to do after I graduate. This degree is a very broadly oreinted so I feel the need to be more specialised. Next to business innovation I have a lot of different interest, like starting a business with my friends, or running a Tiktok account with more then 10k followers about geography and history. I noticed that I like to make content and make video’s. I like to edit and use photoshop. Digital Movers gave me the freedom to be creative and to think about how to implement new concepts in the future.

“Culture, history, technology, social media,  Sometimes i’m a bit of an information junkie.”

What do you like most about Digital Marketing?

Every day i’m starting to learn more and more about the Digital Marketing world. I really like the interaction with customers. I like the social media aspect of it because I’m famillair with this world and how the people interact with it. I get excited about the different wonderful projects our customers are working on!

“The world is about people, so talk! But don’t forget to listen. Qoute: Rens van Deursen 2023”

Freedom, creativity & learning

After different internships I noticed that liked the marketing world, and I was excited to see what this world has  it really interesting to try it out. 

When I was applying I didn’t knew alot about Online Marketing and I was looking for a way to specialize myself in a more tech oriented working field. I’m open to learn and find out what my own skills are and how they are going to be relevant on the working field. I noticed that Digital Movers really gave me the freedom to do wat I want to explore my qualities. I like the fact that they really encourage personal development. They give me the option to be involved in all aspects of the company and give training it’s a great environment to learn and grow as a person. and next to that it’s a great team to work with.

Moreover, the company is very flexible, enables me to work wherever and whenever I want. The social aspect and your personal well-being are very important, and they are not afraid to have some fun.

Looking back on the 3 months

I started with my internship on how to make Digital Movers more sustainable. From the beginning I got a lot of freedom on what to do with my time and what I would like to do within the company next to doing my innovation project. I started picking up some video editting and making a poster for our new quarterly targets. They gave me some responsability with working with other students. I quickly learned that I could really be myself and really tried to do that and that created a safe learning environment where i could try new things.

Last December my innovation project was finnished and I had a gap between my internship and graduation period. So I got the opportunity to work at Digital Movers for a month to learn more about online marketing and to implement the sustainability I worked on for my project. I Also started to work on the social media and on new projects to make the brand Digital Movers grow.

Meet the man behind the professional

I am a big fan of travelling. Experiencing different cultures, countries and to feel like you’re in the past. I have passion for beautiful old architecture and love to explore different new places i’ve never been. For now I have seen a big part of Europe and the United states. But I would love to explore more places and meet new people. I Personally like to go to places that are more unusual and unique. The flexibility of Online Marketing and Digital Movers give me the opportunity to keep on travelling.

Family and friends are one of the most important aspects in life for me. I do like  having drinks, cooking, singing kareoke, going to parties and visiting concerts. I have a very broad music taste from heavy metal to techhouse love all genres in different ways

I love to watch some nice movies with friends or immerse in a story driven videogame. I love the feeling of being in another world.

I used to play football but now I’m going to the gym to keep in shape (And enjoy the sauna)

But most important are the experiences you did in life. I aim to do new experiences, getting out of my comfort zone and learning about the world around us.

Mathias Aaftink

Author Mathias Aaftink

Geïntrigeerd door klantgedrag, performance marketing en klantervaring en de manier waarop organisaties daarop inspelen. Met mijn ervaring voel ik me thuis in de wereld van (digitale) marketing en branding. Ik ga nieuwe uitdagingen met veel plezier aan en voel meteen een groot verantwoordelijkheidsgevoel om er een succes van te maken. Projecten waarbij ik mijn ondernemende vaardigheden en mindset kan inzetten geven mij veel energie en dit is waar ik voor u van toegevoegde waarde kan zijn.

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