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How to Use Social Media for Improving Google Rankings?

When it comes to SEO, a lot has changed in the ways Google ranks your website. In the past few years, we have seen many new algorithms affecting your website’s ranking significantly. The US Digital Service said that social media sites have no impact on Google’s search ranking back in 2014. Your social media accounts may not be directly associated with your search engine rankings, but it does affect your SERP in different ways.

For example, the number of shares your website content receives affects your SEO rankings. Similarly, the website links you share with your social media friends can have a significant impact on your SERP rating. Google considers the authority of your brand before ranking your website in the search engine.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Is Social Media a Ranking Factor?

As mentioned above, social media has no direct impact on your search engine ranking. It does affect your SERP ranking indirectly, but the effect of social media on your SEO is still a hot topic. It is safe to say that social media influences the elements that play an important role in affecting your SERP ratings. In this post, we will take a closer look at the effect of social media on search engine optimization and a few tips on how you can use social media for improving your Google rankings. Here’s a list of a few ways you can use social media as a ranking factor for your SEO.

High-quality Content Posting

The relevance and quality of content have become quite important factors when it comes to search engine ranking. Google has started prioritizing content quality over other things. Of course, keyword optimization and other methods are important, but they don’t matter as much as the quality and relevancy of your content.

Google wants to provide its audience with the most relevant content when a user types a query in the search bar. Now, posting quality content on the blog is not enough. When a user searches for your brand on Google, they will find your websites along with links to your social accounts. To make the best of your digital marketing, make sure your content on social media is relevant to the search engines.

Make it Easy for Your Users to Share Content

Social media was initially developed to help people connect with their friends and families in different corners of the world. It provided a smooth interface where people can socialize, share their stories and posts, and promote their brands. Marketers use social media to promote their offerings across a larger customer base. The easiest way to get wider exposure on social media is by encouraging your audience to share your content and brand-related information with as many people as possible. To drive more people to your website and make your content available to them, it is important that you make content sharing easier so that your audience can share it with their friends and families. You must have seen websites with social sharing buttons. Well, you need to do the same to make your content easily discoverable. You must use the call-to-action buttons and other such social share options to ensure your content reaches the maximum number of people and your audience shares it with their friends on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other sites.

Keep Your Social Media Profiles Optimized

The interviewers often ask the candidates to share their social profiles or attach a link to their social accounts when giving an interview. That’s because social media tells about your authority. Your social profiles work as your social proofs. Not optimizing your profile for the search engine can have a significant impact on your search engine rankings. That’s because a vast majority of people look up the social profiles of users on Google.

So, what exactly does social media profile optimization mean? Well, optimizing your profiles for social media means you are supposed to align your social channels with blogs and websites. The goal is to maintain consistency across all your social profiles. This allows your audience to find your profiles on multiple social platforms effortlessly. If you value your audience and consider their satisfaction, chances are Google will rank your website higher in search engines.

Build Customer Engagement

Just having a social media profile will not be enough. It is equally important to build a strong relationship with your customers on social media. One way to improve your relationship with your audience is by answering their queries and resolving their complaints. Not only will it help you build a strong relationship with your audience, but it makes it easier for you to understand their pain points and offer products and services customized to their individual requirements.

It may seem easier to draw the attention of your audience to your website, but keeping them engaged can get a little overwhelming. There couldn’t be a better place to connect with your audience, identify their requirements, and build up their engagement than on social platforms. You can use social media features, such as polls, DMs, and others to learn more about your customers and build their engagement.

Craft High-quality Captions

Whether you are using blogs or social media, content plays a key role in helping you build engagement with your audience. The best caption is something that’s crafted in a storytelling way and offers some value to your audience. Even if it’s a long caption, it must be written in such a way that it keeps your readers hooked to the screen until they are done reading the caption. A high-quality and compelling caption can also encourage your audience to follow your social accounts and engage with you. In addition to the captions, your posts must also look good. Every story, highlight, and post you publish on social media has a great impact on your brand’s image, as social media profile gives your audience insights into your brand.

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