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We discussed the way you can create successful visual content within our last blog. Now it’s time to move forward and explain you more about your channel strategy and how you can decide which content you should release when.

When you create a programming schedule you first have to organize your content in one of the three categories: hygiene, hub or hero content. With creating a consistent and predictable schedule it is easier for viewers to return to your channel or website and be an added value for them. You have the possibility to get more subscribers, more viewers or engage more easily with the goal to create brand awareness or loyalty growth.

Schedule your content

So what is the best way to schedule your (visual) content and how can you schedule your content in a way that your audience can experience it as an added value?

First of all let’s see how many times you need to post your content:

Hygiene content: try to post and create new stuff every day/week. Think about what your target audience is looking for, what troubles they try to solve etc. For only YouTube it is needed that you post at least eight videos at launch to get your channel going in the beginning. For other digital channels it is  recommended to post at least weekly or daily new hygiene content.

Hub content: this content is for people who are already returning to your website or YouTube channel. You can add value to tell people more about your products or services or create series so you can really connect with your target audience. This should be created regularly once a month or two months.

Hero content: this is your go live moment: Think about events, product launches, competitions etc. This is not more than a couple of times a year or even once a year.

You can see this as a funnel where your target audience needs to be caught in the Hygiene phase and slowly becomes your brand fan through the Hub and Hero content. In the hygiene content creation part it could be really beneficial to combine this with Ad campaigns – whether this would be display or search campaigns.

In a nutshell

  • First of all understand where your target audience is looking for, whether this is on Google or YouTube.
  • Create hygiene content that answers your target audiences’ questions. Combine this with ad campaigns or display campaigns to target your audience more easier.
  • Create your Hub content to connect and add more value to transform them into loyal customers.
  • Define your go live moments and schedule “go big content” around them
  • Fill in the channel template to schedule your content


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Author Mathias Aaftink

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