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Black Friday is coming so be prepared for November 27th. This means  chaotic images of people storming into stores and screaming for the craziest deals. Now exactly the same thing happens online, but we don’t notice this. Many web shops give super big discounts on many products. But how do you ensure that you will sell more on your webshop and till keep your quality high? Because the competition is fierce on a day like Black Friday.

Google Ads gets you through the chaos, more sales and being above your competitors is what you want in a day (or complete weekends nowadays) like this. But what are interesting Google tools to use during a day like this?

Where do you start? Use a Sales Funnel!  Start by designing your customer journey and making a marketing plan. The calendar below will help you with creating your own strategy. Start in october with your awareness campaigns (see phase) and building target groups (think phase). From the second week of november, focus on converting visits into online conversions (do phase). We at Digital Mover use the See, Think, Do, Care model always if we start advertising.

Add A Black Friday promotion extensions to your campaign

Use the Google Ads extensions optimally for your Black Friday advertisements. With the promotion extension you can immediately show your Black Friday discount to the user when they search for your product. Do you use a discount code during Black Friday? Then you can show that discount code directly via the promotion extension. This helps consumers decide already within Google to click or not.

Increase your biddings

Increasing your daily budget on black friday is a must for most retailers as product search volume will increase significantly on Black Friday. In addition to giving your campaigns all the budgetary scope, you also want to increase your biddings. There are a number of important reasons for doing this:

• Competitors are also likely to increase their bids. If you do nothing with your bids, you will be less visible and therefore less visitors can attract your Black Friday promotion.

•  If you work with automated bid strategies, increase your target CPA or decrease your target ROAS. This ensures that you give Google more room to adjust your bids up / down. And thus, achieve more / less impression share. It’s okay to pay a little more for a sale or a lead. By picking up volumes and average higher order values, this is immediately rectified.

• If you bid manually, increase your bids as well. The average order values ​​on these days are often a lot higher (for example because people buy several products at the same time), and you remain profitable.

Smart Shopping Campaigns

Make sure that this campaign does not interfere with your smart shopping campaigns (when you insert a feed at display). You can prevent this by, for example, using another product with a smart display or, for example. With a smart display, to bet on maximizing the number of conversions and, for example, with a smart shopping max conversion value.

Google Discovery Ads appear in multiple Google feed environments, including the Google Discover feed. Discovery Ads are mobile and visually appealing and ideally suited to convey your brand story with an engaging product selection.

Also target affinity, similar audiences and life events in this phase.

Shopping cart abandoners

Of course, you also want to hold and convert those who have been to your site. And especially if they have already placed their products in the shopping cart but leave the website for one reason or another. That’s what email marketing and dynamic remarketing is useful for.

Visitors can leave your website for various reasons: they are orienting themselves and therefore not yet ready to place an order, a technical problem has occurred. To ensure that you do not lose these people, you can set up an abandoned shopping carts e-mail campaign for this.

With this you remind people of the products that are still waiting for them, you offer them the opportunity to order the products immediately or change the contents of the shopping cart and you can immediately remove any possible uncertainties.

Having trouble with optimizing you’re Google Ads to prepare for black Friday and Christmas? Send us a E-mail Digital Movers will help you to get more Black Friday sales then ever before!

Mathias Aaftink

Author Mathias Aaftink

Geïntrigeerd door klantgedrag, performance marketing en klantervaring en de manier waarop organisaties daarop inspelen. Met mijn ervaring voel ik me thuis in de wereld van (digitale) marketing en branding. Ik ga nieuwe uitdagingen met veel plezier aan en voel meteen een groot verantwoordelijkheidsgevoel om er een succes van te maken. Projecten waarbij ik mijn ondernemende vaardigheden en mindset kan inzetten geven mij veel energie en dit is waar ik voor u van toegevoegde waarde kan zijn.

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