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How to Assign an Agency to Your Facebook Business Manager Ad Account

In our onboarding process we usually ask our clients to assign us as an agency to the Facebook business account. For some clients this is an easy job but for some other clients this is harder to do. Therefore, we created this post about how to assign an agency to your Facebook business manager ad account.

Here are the steps on how to assign a partner to your Facebook ad account in

Step 1: unfold the hamburger menu on the left top side.

In the top left corner you can find a hamburger menu where you can find bussiness settings as well. Please click on it so it takes you to the business settings of your facebook business account.

Step 2: Click Ad Accounts

Click “Ad Accounts” on the left column.

Step 3: Choose ad account then click “Assign Partner”

You now must select your add account before you can assign a partner. So, choose your ad account and then click on the button “assign partner”.

Step 4: Use your Partner’s ID for providing them access.

In the middle of the dialogue box, Facebook gives you the option to assign a partner using a business ID. This Business ID is given by the agency that you are working with. Click this option.

Digital Movers Agency ID: 1228097513979734

You can now choose the role that you would like to give your partner. As your trusted agency you must choose Run Ad Account.

Admin — Select this option if you don’t have a dedicated person managing your Facebook account and want your agency to have full access to your account and fan page. This allows your agency to update your billing information and also create ads like “Offers” or “Videos” which must be posted on your Fan Page before ads can run.

Advertiser — Select this option if you have a dedicated person on your team to assist the agency with their advertising needs such as billing information and ads that require offers or videos. If there is a problem with your billing, and your team is away or unable to respond, your ads will stop running until your team can update the billing info. This is exactly the reason why we would like to have admin permission so you never have to worry.

Analyst — This role is purely to analyze the campaigns. We can’t run or do anything within the account.

When you choose a role and typed in the Business ID then click “Next “.

It’s good to understand that there is a difference in adding a person to your ad account and adding a partner to the business account.

Assigning a partner — This gives the partner agency access to the account and not one employee. This is easy while people leave an organization, change roles etc.

Adding people — Will assign the person as an employee of your company (inside your business manager account). This can be used when you have employees that need to be in this account as well.

Step 5: Yes, we are partners now!

Click “Done” to finish.

The agency receives a notification saying that we are granted access to your business account. We will be in touch shortly to update you about further steps and information.

Mathias Aaftink

Author Mathias Aaftink

Geïntrigeerd door klantgedrag, performance marketing en klantervaring en de manier waarop organisaties daarop inspelen. Met mijn ervaring voel ik me thuis in de wereld van (digitale) marketing en branding. Ik ga nieuwe uitdagingen met veel plezier aan en voel meteen een groot verantwoordelijkheidsgevoel om er een succes van te maken. Projecten waarbij ik mijn ondernemende vaardigheden en mindset kan inzetten geven mij veel energie en dit is waar ik voor u van toegevoegde waarde kan zijn.

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