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How Can SEO Drive Marketing Initiatives?

As the popularity of SEO and digital marketing has skyrocketed lately, people are spending hundreds of thousands of bucks on search engine optimization to grow their businesses. Everyone wants their website to rank on top of the search engine or at least on the first page of the search results to get maximum exposure and organic traffic. However, with hundreds of thousands of websites implementing SEO strategies, it is not easy to get your content ranked on the first page. SEO takes time, there is no denying that.

You can’t set up a website, try a few SEO hacks, and expect your content to go viral within a few hours. While this may work for YouTube and other social media sites, SEO does not work that way. Billions of people search for content around different niches every minute, and there are millions of websites that cater to the unique requirements of their target audience. So, what sets your website apart from others? Or, how exactly do you cater to your audience’s requirements in a way that makes you different from others?

Simply put, SEO is a digital marketing strategy that increases your website ranking and helps you get your website ranked higher in search engines. The higher your website ranks on Google, the more organic traffic it generates, and the better it performs digitally. A vast majority of people do not even visit the second page of the search engines when looking for content relevant to their specific requirements. People are on the lookout for content that not only matches their requirements but are published on the authority websites.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Your Audience Searches for Your Website On Google

Thousands of people make searches on Google every second. So, when you put your business on Google, you are promoting your products and services to thousands of people. The more people you reach out to through SEO, the higher the chances you will get more conversions. That’s the specialty of search engine optimization. It helps you achieve wider exposure by connecting to a large number of people throughout the world. It removes physical and geographical barriers seamlessly, and makes it possible for you to have your content distributed to hundreds of thousands of people within seconds.

As mentioned earlier, there are millions of websites in the search engine. With such a massive number of websites ranking on Google, the chances that your website will perform well and rank higher are pretty low. Your website will probably be lost on Google if you don’t optimize it for search engines. There is a good chance your target audience will not even see your website, let alone make a purchase.

People Ignore Paid Ads

PPC might look like the only way to achieve faster results. That’s true! If you want to receive large traffic to your website, you need to build PPC campaigns, but the problem is it is an expensive marketing approach. Plus, research shows that a majority of people simply ignore the paid ads that appear on top of the search results. PPC helps increase your click-through rate, as it exposes your brand to a wide range of people in no time and with limited efforts. Do you know 80% of the people ignore the paid ads in search engines?

It clearly suggests that the chances of your website receiving organic traffic are higher when you get it ranked in the search engines using the on-page and off-page SEO optimization methods. Your website might show up below the paid ads, but people are highly likely to skip these ads and check the websites that are organically ranked on Google. You do not have to spend anything on SEO optimization, but you may have to pay a few hundred bucks to the SEO specialist for building a solid SEO campaign.

Companies are Implementing SEO More Now than Ever

The COVID pandemic has brought a major transformation in the digital world. More and more businesses are now shifting to digital modes and a larger number of companies of all sizes and types are investing in SEO-focused strategies to achieve rapid growth. People have started to realize the importance of digital marketing, and they are now building a website to grow their outreach and generate maximum traffic.

Today, you will find almost every business’ Google My Business account on the internet. That’s where customers find information about what the business does, how it operates, and what things they manage. With the growing popularity of digital businesses after this pandemic, people have started to embrace search engine optimization more now than ever.

Increased Revenue

As we mentioned before, a majority of people consider the websites that appear on the first page of the search results reliable. In fact, 90% of the traffic is received on the first page of the search results only, shows a report published by Neil Patel. This clearly means that websites ranking on the second and third pages of the search results are highly likely to go unnoticed, let alone those with no dedicated SEO strategy. It is the search optimization techniques that increase your website ranking and improves the overall performance of your website.

There is no doubt that organic search has the power to improve your brand’s visibility and get your content to a larger audience in the most organic and authentic way. However, that’s only possible when you outsource your SEO to a popular and qualified SEO specialist. Search engine optimization is not something you can handle on your own. You need professional support and a solid team to build your SEO strategy and promote your brand to a wider audience.

The right SEO plan can work wonders for your digital marketing campaign. It is undoubtedly the most powerful way of growing your digital presence and capturing the attention of your target audience. Not only does it give a boost to your digital business, but it can increase traffic to your land-based stores as well.

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