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Google Ads verification program

Every business advertising on Google Ads should receive a notification from Google via email and in their account within six months, when they have been selected for the identity verification program for advertisers.

We have found from previous experience with clients that the verification program raises many questions. In this blog, we will therefore briefly discuss everything you need to know to complete the verification program.

Why does Google want to verify your identity?

Google wants to increase trust in the advertising ecosystem by providing users with more information about advertisers. With the verification program, Google verifies the name and location of your business. In doing so, Google wants to increase transparency, choice, and control for users.

What is ID verification?

The verification program for advertisers is Google’s unified verification program that covers both identity verification and verification of your business operations. The program includes a series of steps that advertisers like you must complete.

In this program, Google asks you to provide certain basic information about your business and identity. You then have 30 days to start the verification and another 30 days to complete it.

How do I go through the ID verification?

You must submit one of the following registration documents for identity verification for advertisers:

– Certificate of incorporation or registration certificate

– Extract from the commercial register (for example: extract from the Chamber of Commerce)

– VAT registration certificate

– DUNS number

Individuals and authorized representatives must submit, as part of the verification program, a photo ID issued by the government of one of the countries in the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland. These are accepted documents:

– Passport

– Identity card

– Drivers Licence

– Residence permit

Please note that you must set up the correct Individuals and Authorized Representatives before you begin the verification program. the name on the ID and the primary contact payment profile must be the same. This is because once the process has started you cannot change these details.

Need help with the identification program?

If you advertise through Google Ads, Google will ask you after a while to continue a verification program. You then have 30 days to start the verification and another 30 days to complete it. This verification covers basic information about your business and identity. With this information, Google wants to provide more transparency to its users.   

We believe it is important to take away all the uncertainties and questions you may have. Do you still have questions after reading this blog? Get in touch! We will guide you through the whole process.

Mathias Aaftink

Author Mathias Aaftink

Geïntrigeerd door klantgedrag, performance marketing en klantervaring en de manier waarop organisaties daarop inspelen. Met mijn ervaring voel ik me thuis in de wereld van (digitale) marketing en branding. Ik ga nieuwe uitdagingen met veel plezier aan en voel meteen een groot verantwoordelijkheidsgevoel om er een succes van te maken. Projecten waarbij ik mijn ondernemende vaardigheden en mindset kan inzetten geven mij veel energie en dit is waar ik voor u van toegevoegde waarde kan zijn.

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