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We will dive into the Google Ads (Adwords) trends for 2019. We will spot spot some critical and less critical Google Ads trends fort his upcoming year.

The landscape of Google advertising is changing. Creating a simple ad is not enough anymore to drive traffic and conversion in the upcoming years. Search advertising has become extremely complex. This means that it gets harder for each individual to set up a successful search ad campaign.

With the changes Google updated his advertising tool we saw huge developments in search advertising. Google Ads (previously Google Adwords) now offers you a wide range of possibilities with new campaign types, features, targeting options and other new stuff that was introduced by Google.

To stay on top of your game we’ve spotted some of the most important Google trends for you to watch out for in 2019 so let’s dive into it..


Remarketing will still be big in 2019. It is one of the best ad strategies to get great conversions while you target people who were already interested in your product before.

We’ve seen higher conversaion rates and better CTR’s in our already done remarketing campaigns within Google Ads and this will continue in 2019.

Skillfully designed Google Ads that remind the prospective customer of the products that they’ve seen before, do an excellent job over time of persuading users to rethink your product, thus helping you to expand your clientele and increase sales.

For the ones that are not familiar with remarketing we highly recommend reading this blog about retargeting for search. In a nutshell it is very easy:


Your value will go down

While Alphabet is collecting its advertising dollars to its fullest (the estimation is that it will reach approximately $100 billion dollar in 2019) it also says something about the landscape of advertising. More and more companies are stepping into the world of advertising and placing ads. This also tells us that there will be more companies aiming for the same keywords and therefor the prices for these keywords are also rising. It means that your advertising investment has to work harder to get revenue out of it as well and that 2019 is a year that you as a company have to compete against a lot more other companies to jockey for the best position. It will make it more difficult to succeed with Google Ads without the right knowledge and budget. The advice is to spend it wisely and talk with people who know how to set up successful campaigns so you are not wasting your money in the advertising landscape.

CPC’s are growing

To stay in the corner of criticism we also would touch base on the trend that the CPC’s are increasing as well. While more and more companies are stepping into the world of placing ads the Cost Per Click (CPC’s) are also rising.


Quality scores are getting more important

Since the landscape is getting more crowded the quality of the ads are getting more important. In 2019 there will be much more focus on this and Google will reward campaigns that are fully focused on quality. The outcome for higher quality scores are better CPC’s and better rankings for the Ads.

This is why the collaboration between a highly optimized website and an optimized Google Ads campaign will be more important than ever.

The interaction of the user with your website after clicking your ad is influencing your quality score for example. When your audiences entered your website after clicking your ads and they leave immediately it will affect your ranking. So offer your audience the right content on your website so they will stay longer on your website, and you will get better rankings.

The change of keywords due to the rise of voice search

Most people are still not so familiar with voice search but it is already there for a while now. We think that the generation who are in their 20’s and younger will use voice search massively while they grow up with these features.

It is therefore also really important to invest in it now to stay on top of your game. And while voice search increases the keyword that are used are changing with it as well.  People don’t ask for a specific short keyword anymore but will use Google more and more to get their questions answered.

It would be interesting to invest heavily into long tail keywords and offer your target audience the answer on their question within your ads.

Smart features within Google Ads

Since the update from Google Adwords to Google Ads they also launched the automated and smart options like Smart campaigns. This does not mean that your campaign runs fully automatically and you still need to understand how and when to jump in to get the best results out of it.

We therefor still see the need for Google Ads specialists while these new options bring a lot of possibilities but also a lot of confusion among people how are not professional search advertisers.

Google Ads expansion

In 2019 the ads themselves remain important as well as the years before. Recently you can use the extra-large ad formats in Google Ads. This means you can add a third headline in conjunction with a second description. You can also use more buttons and url paths. Not only does this mean that more information can be conveyed, but also that your ads can be designed to be more unique.

2019 will be the year Google Ads specialists can better lead to a combination of headers and descriptions to get the best results. If this also results in better conversions we don’t know but we certainly know that it will influence the results.


Attribution and cross channel advertising

The customer journey from the consumer is not linear anymore but goes from platform to platform and from device to device. It is therefore not strange that in 2019 the importance of attribution will grow in 2019.

Although most advertisers and marketers are aware of this, attribution of marketing campaigns is still underexposed. Because the worlds of search, social and e-commerce come together, marketers need a complete picture of the customer journey so that there is good insight into campaign performance, attribution and therefore also the advertising budget.


In Google Ads you can use various attribution models that suit your organization. The time in which we optimized campaigns for Last click has become a thing of the past.

Localization of Ad campaigns

While the customer journey is changing the consumers behavior is also changing. We already know that 80% of purchases start with online research and this is also goes for people who are seeking for information about purchasing options for a product they are looking for.

Many people do their research online but acquire the product in a physical store. Google noticed this as well and they discovered ways to integrate both online and offline worlds more and more. While using Google Ads it is possible to display the store inventory within your ads. This makes it easy for consumers to see whether or not the product that they seek for is available in their favorite “local” store

Key takeaways for 2019

The world of advertising is getting more complex each day.

With more companies ranking for the same keyword, CPC’s are rising. It is therefore highly possible that your strategy that worked some years ago is not working anymore.

Next to that, the possibilities within Google Ads are also endless and chances are big that you don’t get the ROI that you expect from it.

Those who choose to manage and execute advertising campaigns by themselves will likely face a significant loss of time and, potentially, revenues. True Google Ads advertising professionals, who can create winning campaigns in a timely manner, will be worth the investment.

Get in touch when you are interested in getting more revenue out of your Google Ads campaigns.

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