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To get the best results on your Facebook campaigns, a key component is the so-called Facebook Pixel that you should look into. The Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that consists of a piece of code that you can put into your website. In this blog you will read about the implementation of the pixel and the benefits of doing so. Besides talking about the Pixel and it’s capabilities, we’re also going to explain the requirements that you will need in advance.

When you are in use of a pixel you can take advantage of creating look-a-likes on Facebook and the possibility of building your target audience more easily.


A Facebook pixel is a piece of code that you can place anywhere on your website to find out more about your website visitors. The website visitors can be measured, optimized and developed for your Facebook ad.

For the instalment of the Pixel there are 3 basic steps. After following these steps it just a matter of time and traffic on your website. When the Facebook Pixel has an effective amount of information about your visitors it can be used as a way of choosing your target audiences. It doesn’t matter which page is loaded, the pixel will start it’s procedure and track the visitor’s actions while he/she is active on your website .

To be clear, when advertising on Facebook, you can’t choose a specific website visitors and advertise to them. Instead, you can advertise to groups of users based on shared interest and behaviour.

A few categories costumers can be sectioned in are:

  • Add To Cart. When a visitor has clicked on the option of adding a product or service to their cart.
  • Add To Wishlist. The moment a costumer has entered a product into his/her wishlist.
  • Purchase. When they have eventually purchased a service/product at your website.
  • Complete Registration. If a visitor has entered all of their information but has not finished buying.
  • Initiation of Checkout. The final step before actually purchasing a service/product and initiated the purchase without completing it.
Source: smart-agency


To complete the process of creating the pixel on Facebook Businessmanager we’ve visually created the steps for installing the pixel manually to your website.

The first step is to visit your Facebook Businessmanager page and click on the so called ‘hamburger’ drop-down menu and search for events manager and click on ‘Pixel’.

First step of installation

After you have clicked on the Pixel button you will end op on this page. Here you can create the Pixel by pressing ‘Create a Pixel’, after completion you can move on to the next step.

Second step of installation

The third step is to chose the name you want to give to your Pixel and click on ‘Create’.

Third step of installation

Now, when you have completed all of the previous step it is time to choose the way you want to install the Pixel onto your website.

Fourth step in installation

We have chosen to go for the manual way of installing the Pixel because it is the most comprehensive of the three options. The other ones are more straight forward. If you want to manually put the Pixel onto your website, you can copy the code on the second list item and add it to the code of your website.

Fifth step of installation

After you have added the code to the designated website. You’re done. In a lot of occasions, you can easily do this through Tagmanager.

After you have eventually installed the Pixel the next step is to check if the Pixel is indeed working. You can do this by visiting the Facebook business manager website and going to the Pixel submenu. Here you can track the activity of the Pixel and check it is doing his job by collecting data.

The final step of installation is the most important one and that is because of regulations you have to put the presence of the Pixel into your disclaimer. Besides that, it needs to be named in the cookie description and with that the option for visitors to turn of the activity tracker.

We hope to have informed you well enough to explore the journey of the Facebook Pixel by yourself, we are always open for any questions you may come across!

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