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Digital Movers’ Wim Hof workshop experiences

As we believe that you are happiest and perform best when you are given the space to be who you are and act from your own strengths and passion – and as we would like to support finding your perfect balance between working, growing and relaxing – participating in a Wim Hof workshop has become an integral part of the personal development program for all our people.

The Wim Hof Method

The Wim Hof Method was developed by the ‘Iceman’ Wim Hof and combines the powers of cold training, breathing and mindset/focus. Through various exercises, the Wim Hof Method ensures that you regain your strength, find your balance and feel both physically and mentally stronger than ever.

Cold training

The cold is one of the three pillars of the Wim Hof Method. Cold exposure has several proven health benefits, including cardiovascular training, a strengthened immune system and improved sleep quality.


The second pillar is breathing. We are always breathing, but we are usually unaware of its power. Increased oxygen levels hold a wealth of benefits, and the Wim Hof method’s specialized breathing technique unravels them all: more energy, reduced stress levels and an improved immune response.

Mindset and focus

The third pillar of the Wim Hof Method is the basis of the other two. With focus and determination you ensure that you will achieve your goals and you are ready to explore and optimize your own body and mind.

What were your expectations in advance?

Mathias: “I went in with the expectation that it would be a great day. I already did a course of Wim Hof and at that time I felt a complete high and some sort of rest which I never had felt before. I was also curious about how the other people were going to experience this day so I was pretty excited.”

Rosanne: “I actually did not really know what to expect. Based on what I have heard about Wim Hof, I expected the ice bath to be the big and famous part of the workshop. Also, I was told that we would work on some breathing techniques. As I used to practice yin-yoga and yoga nidra on regular basis, of which breathing exercises are an important part, I was not sure how it would be different. Therefore, I was very curious about what the day would bring!”

Anna: “Based on what I’ve heard from the colleagues who referred me to the workshop, I expected to learn some breathing techniques and experience the famous ice-bath. After reading the workshop material shared prior to the workshop and watching Wim Hof explaining it in a video, I got very excited, had some cold showers and went to the workshop with an open mind. Some earlier experience with yin yoga, tai chi & breathing exercises really helped during the workshop.”

Piet: “Upfront the workshop I had heard of Wim Hof and his breathing techniques and I had experimented with taking cold showers to wake up in the morning.  As a kite surfer I spend a lot of time in the ocean and in winter it can get pretty cold, and I thought the training could maybe benefit my kitesurfing. Besides that, I was excited to take the ice bath and see how far I could push myself.”

Just: “Before the event, I was familiar with Wim Hof, but I thought taking ice baths was more about entertainment rather than a self-improvement method. Therefore, I was really curious about what type of experience I was going to witness apart from jumping in an ice-cold bath.”

How did you experience the whole day and what was most impactful for you?

Mathias: “It was mindblowing! Wow! We first started with some theory about what the Wim Hof method exactly meant and how it can benefit your physical and mental health. Also the scientific part was pretty interesting that this method could really enhance your health and fight certain deceases. Then we started with a breathing exercise which made us hold our breath for more than 3 minutes. The rest that I felt afterwards was amazing and really a mind opener to what your body is capable of doing.”

Rosanne: “I think I have never been as ‘zen’ as after this day. Where prior to the workshop I thought the ice bath would have the most impact, the breathing exercise turned out to have a much greater and longer lasting effect. Such a unique experience! I do not know what it feels like to be high but I can imagine this is getting close to it. The breathing exercise lasted over an hour but it felt like five minutes. At the same time, it had the effect of having slept all night. I felt very rested and relaxed afterwards. I do take cold showers sometimes, but that is peanuts compared to the ice bath. To be honest, I was a bit nervous on how my body would react – I constantly had the memory in mind of how it feels like your breath seems to stop, when you jumped into a cold pool or sea on vacation when you were little. But it was a really cool experience, literally and figuratively. I was surprised how well I could handle the cold and kept controlling my breath (and thoughts), and I felt very refreshed afterwards. Also, the whole atmosphere was peaceful. The location was surrounded by nature, it was a sunny spring day, which made you feel the soft warmth of the sun, and the group we had the workshop with was full of positive-minded people. Altogether, I really enjoyed the day.”

Anna: “I would describe it as a trip somewhere far away without leaving the building. The facilitators and group of participants were very welcoming. There was always tea, strawberries and vegan chocolate available. Group participants were sharing their own experiences and there was good synergy between them. Yoga Moves trainers had participated in the Wim Hofman training themselves and were well up-to-date regarding the advantages, but also possible dangers of the exercises. The study material was well balanced between theory and practice. The long session with series of breathing exercises had the most impact on me. It felt like every little thought was erased from the busy mind. There is also a reunion meet-up planned. After the ice-bath we were served some vegan lentil soup and it seemed like everyone went home with a peaceful mind.”

Piet: “We started the day with some interesting insights about the breathing techniques and the benefits of cold exposure on the body. The breathing techniques itself where a great experience and I was surprised to see that I could hold my breath for over 3 minutes.  After the breathing I felt very energised and had a sense of clarity. We did some exercises afterwards and I noticed I was able to do a lot more push ups than I can normally do. We finished the workshop with an ice bath and for me this was the highlight of the day. Our instructor told us approach the ice as a warm bath and to focus on our breathing. This helped me to stay relaxed in the ice bath for over three minutes. The ice bath was very impactful because I believe that next time when I face a challenging situation I can go back to the “ice bath-mindset”, and face the situation with calm faith. Overall the workshop was very impactful, also because the entire Digital Movers team did it and everyone expanded their boundaries.”

Just: “We started the event by getting to know everything about Wim Hof and the method he created. I thought this was very insightful. Next, we learned the Wim Hof breathing technique. It was a simple and applicable technique, though it had a great impact on my body, mind and spirit. Lastly, we went into the ice bath.What I liked most about this experience was jumping out of the cold water and feeling the warmth as soon as my body started recovering from the cold.”

How do you apply these learnings in your work and/or daily life?

Mathias: “I apply these learnings each day to be honest. I start my day with a cold shower and when I feel stressed I do my breathing. It helps me with getting out of my head into my body and feel relaxed as well. The fact that you can hold your breath for three minutes and keep calm is really something that changed my life and made me realize that the body is capable of lots of things. We will implement this program for all our workers while it is so impactful and really can set people to their next level and get them out of the comfort zone. Something we stand for within Digital Movers.”

Rosanne: “I do not apply the learnings on a daily basis. However, during the workshop I did learn what your body is capable of, and how just being aware of your breathing already has a positive effect. When my energy is lowering, I take a cold shower and I immediately feel more energized. When I feel stressed, I take a moment and try to focus on my breathing, and control it to calm down.

Anna: “Daily, with cold showers and breathing sessions. Further on, I would like more colleagues joining the workshop and eventually witness yin yoga, breathing exercise and ice-bath sessions being organised within the Digital Movers network.”

Piet: “I noticed that the breathing exercises gave me a lot of energy and improved my performance. I’d like to build a habit of doing them more often. For example before my training or before work, to boost my performance. I will also definitely continue taking cold showers to wake up in the morning and I hope I will also do more ice baths. The ice bath was a direct confrontation with the fear of cold and the only way to get through this ice-cold challenge is by staying calm and focussing on your breath. For me, this can serve as a great metaphor for many other challenges in life and work..”

Just: “The whole experience made me change my way of life. It made me aware that stress can have a bad impact on your health and that you can prevent it. Doing the breathing techniques from Wim Hof makes me calm when I feel overwhelmed by my surroundings. I now choose to avoid stress and it honestly feels amazing. You should try it too!”

Have you become interested in the Wim Hof Method? Seeking for personal growth? Looking for an impactful and fun career? Do you believe you would fit well with our Digital Movers family? We are looking for you! Get in touch or check out our vacancies, so we could discuss your career options together.


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