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Realizing the importance of setting goals and knowing how to set those goals are crucial to accomplishing great things for your business. Goal funnels on Google Analytics are the steps that leads have to undergo with the aim of “converting” (e.g. purchase one of your products). Every step of the goal funnel will be shown on Google Analytics. This indicates the action on your website that needs to be finished to achieve a Google Analytics goal. Accordingly, each action needs to be a web page with its own URL.

Google Analytics Goal Funnel

The visual representation of the conversion data of each step will help you see the process in an instant. Moreover, the funnels are showing us the following:

  • What steps are causing customer confusion or difficulties?
  • What language or copy might trigger the consumer’s emotional behavior in the sign up or checkout process?
  • Are there any bugs, browser issues or other technical problems?


The first step is to set up a goal for your website on Google Analytics: sign into your dashboard and click on the Admin tab. Then, click on Goals and get the options of creating a new goal or import an existing goal template. For this example, select “Make a payment” to find out how many customers visit the confirmation page of an ecommerce store. Following this, give your goal a name and select “Destination” as the goal type for this example.

Goal Funnel Set Up



In this step, switch the “Funnel” on in order to create the pages of the funnel. Every step indicates a web page that your customers have to visit to reach your goal, and thus purchasing a product in this example. In the context where the customer has to visit the page to check out and make a purchase, a unique part of the URL of each page needs to be added.

Turn the “Required” switch on when a potential visitor needs to finish a certain step in the funnel to complete the goal in the funnel visualization report. Hence, the aim is to collect information of visitors that completed the first funnel on the “Checkout Cart” page. Therefore, the “Required” toggle needs to be switched on. Lastly, make sure that your Goals are following the correct data by clicking on “verify goals”. Voilà! You just created your first goal funnel.

Check Out Goal Funnel



Once you gathered your data, you can view performance under Conversions > Goals > Funnel > Visualization. Presented in the example below, is the performance of the checkout cart of bought tickets. Each part of the funnel illustrates the percentage of customers who moved on to the following step, along with a final funnel conversion rate at the end. The funnel conversion rate is the percentage of visits of customers that have gone through the whole funnel and completed the final Goal.

In the example below, it can be seen that 1,133 visitors went into the cart checkout process and 682 (60%) in fact completed this. Additionally, most visitors that exited was from the initial Cart. From the visualization, you can figure out why they are not captivated by the cart process on the site. This way, you will understand the typical user journey of your website for most of the visitors.

Funnel Visualization Report


Final remarks

We have taught you everything you should know about how to set up conversion funnels. Additionally, you are able to convert actionable business insights from your funnel visualization report. Now, you can tackle problems in relation to key website processes, improve the end-user experience, and optimize your website’s conversion performance.

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Author Mathias Aaftink

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