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B2B Marketing agency

Welcome to Klik Digital, your B2B marketing agency for B2B companies. We understand the unique challenges B2B organisations face and offer tailored marketing solutions to address them. Our strategies are designed to help grow your business by generating high-quality leads and optimising your online presence. We deploy various strategies to ensure the sustainable growth of your business. On this page, learn more about how we can be of value.

✔️ We don’t stop at an MQL but go for an SQL
✔️ We optimise the complete customer journey
✔️ We use growth marketing strategies
✔️ From idea, priority, test and analysis to result


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B2B lead generation cases that speak for themselves


PlasticRoad | Increasing visibility among the municipality and realizing more B2B leads

14 April 2022

What does a B2B marketing agency do?

A B2B marketing agency helps companies optimise and implement their digital marketing strategies. This includes a wide range of services, such as search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine advertising (SEA), content marketing, social media marketing through LinkedIn Ads and email marketing. The goal is to increase your company’s visibility, generate high-quality leads and ultimately increase sales. As sales cycles often take longer compared to B2C marketing, it is important that we achieve sustainable visibility for your business.

At Klik Digital, we start with a thorough analysis of your business and market. We identify your target audience, their needs and pain points, and develop a strategy that addresses them. We then implement this strategy and monitor the results to continuously optimize and improve. We have gained extensive experience in the landscape of B2B marketing. With cases like AkzoNobel, Heineken Prizes and, among others, Waste2Wear, we are pre-eminently the party that knows how to be your B2B partner, both nationally and internationally.

We build predictable B2B lead funnels

We enter into a collaboration where we encourage growth through a partnership. We grow together.

We analyse the current digital strategy, examine competitors, target groups and identify growth opportunities.

Based on research, we define and prioritise tests to drive growth.

We activate tests through paid and organic channels, analyse data and realise new leads.

What strategies does a B2B marketing agency employ?

As a B2B marketing agency, you will need to have a good understanding of the sales cycle of different types of businesses. From understanding the customer journey to deploying the right online marketing channels, from data analysis to creating valuable content.

A successful B2B marketing agency applies different strategies to achieve their clients’ goals. At Klik Digital, we use the following core strategies:

  • Audience data: At Klik Digital, we are able to pull data from a wide variety of databases. We can load this data into channels such as LinkedIn, Meta but certainly also email.
  • Content marketing: Creating and sharing valuable content to inform and engage your target audience. This can take the form of blogs, white papers, case studies and videos. We are big fans of driving a demand generation strategy.
  • SEO: Optimization of your website and content for search engines to increase organic traffic and be more findable for potential customers. In doing so, it is important that the website is UX friendly so that people do not drop out when they land on the right page.
  • Google Ads: Advertising on search engines such as Google to generate direct traffic and leads. In B2B, we often use exact terms and deploy phrase match terms to get an even better understanding of the target audience and its search behaviour. The goal here is always lead generation.
  • Social Media Marketing: Using platforms such as LinkedIn to reach and engage your target audience. LinkedIn is particularly effective for B2B marketing due to its ability to specifically target by function, industry and company size. However, we are not discounting other social channels because they could also have their function in this way.
  • E-mail marketing: Building and maintaining relationships with potential and existing customers through targeted e-mail campaigns. We can conduct effective lead generation for your business through marketing automation.
  • Tooling: having the right sales tools to be effective and track the customer is essential. With our extensive experience in the landscape of B2B sales tools, we help organisations move forward.
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Our valued customers. Are you the next one?

What do high-performing B2B companies do differently from others?

This year’s global B2B Pulse survey (McKinzey research), among more than 3,800 decision-makers in 13 countries, reveals how B2B companies stand out and win (with an average 10% market share) in a competitive market.

B2B companies winning the most market share simultaneously use five key modern sales and

B2B companies winning the most market share implement five key strategies:

Advanced sales technology: innovative tools for improving sales processes. At Klik Digital, we have a wealth of knowledge about which tools work and which don’t for managing a good sales process. Think of tools like Hubspot, GoHighLevel, Pipedrive etc.
Hybrid sales teams: A combination of in-person and digital sales channels. The combination is extremely important to excel.
Hyperpersonalisation: Highly targeted and personalised marketing approaches. We are big on demand generation in a niche-specific domain. In doing so, if we clearly outline the message and take the target audience with us in knowing you as an organisation, we are able to turn an MQL into a SQL.
Marketplace strategies: Sell through both third-party and proprietary marketplaces. Of course, this must be applicable and often only applies to large B2B eCommerce parties.
E-commerce excellence: Optimisation of the entire marketing and sales funnel. This should also apply.
These top performing B2B organisations are developing a sophisticated digital customer experience, especially by using social media, mobile devices and text messaging early in the buying process. These companies did this to thereby fill in more touchpoints. Companies using all these tactics were twice as likely to see more than 10 per cent growth in market share than those focusing on only one aspect.

As a B2B marketing agency, we know which sales tools work well, how to communicate personalised in a niche-specific domain and how to set up marketplaces within your current domain.

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How we see B2B lead generation? Watch our videos!

Crucial role of marketing in B2B sales

In the world of B2B sales, marketing plays a crucial role in driving growth and strengthening relationships. Accenture once did a study where it indicated that 57% of decision-makers were already through the buying process before they got in touch with anyone in sales. Traditionally, the focus of B2B sales is on relationship building and closing deals, but effective marketing strategies can enhance these efforts by promoting brand recognition, generating leads and improving the customer experience before people even think of you as an organisation. Through content marketing, search engine optimisation and targeted campaigns via LinkedIn and Google, for example, companies can increase their visibility and build valuable relationships.

According to McKinsey research, integrating marketing and sales is essential for success. Winning B2B companies use marketing to create a multiplier effect, aligning their growth strategies with customer needs and data-driven insights. By seamlessly integrating marketing and sales, companies can provide a consistent and personalised customer journey that maximises conversion opportunities.

In short, in today’s competitive landscape, marketing is not just a support function, but an essential driver of B2B sales. As a B2B marketing agency, we help your organization gain a better position with your potential customer. By combining and optimizing marketing and sales efforts with data-driven strategies, companies can achieve sustainable growth and build a strong market position. We are happy to help you with this.

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